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We've been around the block & back again!

Since Earth ‘n’ Sea Pizza was born in 1976 it’s been quite an adventure! We feel incredibly proud and privileged to have shared this journey with so many locals and holiday visitors alike, and we LOVE getting feedback from customers who leave us reviews such as, “We have been loyal customers of earth ‘n’ see pizza for over 30 years... we just love their food!” and “For nigh on 30 years, we’ve been enjoying the consistently amazing pizzas at Earth’n’Sea … it’s just a special experience. Every single time”

When we opened our doors in 1976 in Marvell Street, who would have known we’d be back in Marvell Street all these years later! In between we’ve been to Jonson Street, Lawson Street, out to Suffolk Park, then to Byron Street, and finally we came home to Marvell Street in 2018. “I love Earth and Sea Byron Bay, my family and I have been holidaying in Byron for 30+ years, my mum & dad remember when they went to the first-ever Byron Earth’n’Sea when my sister and I were babies, then we remembered you moved to where Ripcurl is now and the food was still amazing! Every time we come to Byron for holidays this is our go-to place; the pizza, pasta & the garlic bread is to die for, & also when you cannot finish the food cannot forget the famous swan in alfoil! Thankyou earth’n’sea for always making every visit enjoyable!” In 1976 we began with pizzas only on our world-famous unique crust, and introduced pasta when we moved to Jonson Street. We knew our pasta was beloved, but we had no idea the emotional toll it would take on some hardcore pasta fans, when for a short time after opening on Marvell Street last year we didn’t have pasta on the menu. The distress it caused was flattering to say the least! We LISTENED, we RESPONDED, and we brought pasta back to a cacophony of super excited customers!

Much has changed in Byron Bay since 1976 and Earth n Sea has changed and evolved along with it. We’ve met these changes and risen to the challenge of running a restaurant in a seasonal holiday town. During the boom of the 90’s followed by the Olympic Games increase of visitors in 2000 we grew to accommodate more restaurant diners. The past 10 years have seen more changes to the way people order, and more customers have wanted to enjoy their pizza and pasta in the comfort of their own homes so the takeaway and home delivery side of our business has grown substantially year on year. We offer a streamlined online ordering system, and deliver the best pizzas in Byron Bay to Ewingsdale, the Byron Industrial Estate, Sunrise Beach, Belongil Beach, Byron Bay, Lilli Pilli, Suffolk Park and Broken Head. Our delivery cars and electric bike are famous around town, delivering 7 nights a week to happy pizzaholics and pasta lovers! 1 M I L L I O N pizzas later! After serious calculations with Terry Wilcocks - our longest-serving pizzaholic team member, who has been making the amazing dough that we’re so famous for since the '70s, we estimate that we have just served our 1 millionth pizza. How crazy-amazing is that??!!! Do you know about, The Mullumbimby Madness? Any google search might just confirm what the original green ingredient was on this pizza in the 70’s (and no, it's not green capsicum!!😂), but it set the standard for every vegetarian pizza that came after it. It's an Earth ‘n’ Sea original and an all-time favourite for many (just read our Facebook, Trip Advisor and Google reviews!) and Terry has again calculated that we are coming up to serving our 250,000th Mullumbimby Madness.

mullumbimby madness pizza vegetarian vegan gluten free wholemeal pizza base best pizza in byron bay
M U L L U M B I M B Y M A D N E S S (without the original green ingredient!!!!)

MULLUMBIMBY MADNESS is made on our wholemeal base with house-made tomato paste, plus fresh Button Mushrooms, Green Capsicum, Onion, Black Olives, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Tomato Slices and your choice of Pineapple Chunks, Chilli Sauce, or both … and of course, delicious Mozzarella! We also have an amazing VEGAN Cheese for dairy-free pizzaholics and you can order our Gluten-Free pizza base - we loved this review of our GF offering! “Wait staff were amazing and very friendly. GF pizza and pasta wouldn't have even known it was GF, tasty and delicious. Very reasonably priced. Will be back for sure!!” We look forward to welcoming you back to Earth’n’Sea, for the best pizza in Byron Bay! You'll find us back on Marvell Street, just look for our famous sign out the front, the surfboard up above, and our friendly staff serving up fresh, local ingredients, with a smile!

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